About Us

Welcome to our office! When you visit us, you’ll experience a new brand of Orthodontics. We combine our small-town values with progressive treatments to improve the look and health of your smile.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Deborah Griffin loves giving her patients beautiful, healthy smiles! She lives in Ellington with her husband, Christopher, and their boys (human and canine) :). When she's not perfecting smiles, you can find her spending time with her family on hikes, skiing or light saber dueling. If you love Disney and especially Star Wars, you will be her best friend!
Fun Fact: Dr. Griffin majored in Zoology at Connecticut College before she went to dental school at Tufts University.

Meet Our Staff

Tawny (Super Power Wish: Teleportation)
Patient Coordinator: 3 years
Favorite Thing About My Co-Workers: They always know how to make me laugh!
Amazing Accomplishment: Having a role in helping to raise my special needs brothers
Fun Fact: I traveled cross country for a 2 week national park road trip & I'm a loving cat mom ♡

Wendy (Super Power Wish: Make everybody nice)
Insurance Coordinator - 41 years with this office
Favorite Thing About My Co-workers - They Make Each Other Laugh
Amazing Accomplishment - 42 years of marriage and 43 years of employment at the same place and still going strong! Raising an amazing son who in turn gave us two amazing grandchildren.
Fun Facts - I enjoy shooting Pool on a league.

Annette’s super power wish: to be able to finish household chores with a snap of a finger
Orthodontic assistant: 28 years
Favorite thing about my patients:the excitement they have about fixing their smiles and seeing their end results
Annette likes: the beach, dogs, gardening, snuggling up with a good book, vacationing and spending time with family, especially granddaughter, Hailey
Favorite accomplishment: raised two wonderful daughters who both became nurses, with my husband of 26 years

Superpower Wish- I would like to be a flying guinea pig
Orthodontic Assistant- 8 years
Favorite thing about our patients - getting to know them and seeing their progression
Amazing Accomplishment - being a mom to my daughter
Fun fact- I have three guinea pigs and they are awesome

Kelsey (Super Power Wish: Mind reader)
Orthodontic Assistant / Lab Tech: 4 years
Favorite thing about my job: My coworkers and getting to know my patients :)
Amazing Accomplishment: Being a mom to my awesome kids and dog
Fun Fact: I was a patient here before I became an Assistant.

Brady is our office comfort dog:). He is a mini-Australian Labradoodle and is hypoallergenic. No, you cannot take him home with you:). He loves playing fetch and has never willingly stopped playing on his own. His record is 2 hours but his humans became exhausted. He loves his family, his co-workers, his patients, and bacon. He loves cuddles, just hanging out, and especially loves coming to work!

Superpower Wish - I wish I could make fruits and veggies never expire
Orthodontic Assistant - since 2013
Favorite thing about our patients - Experiencing their confidence grow from appointment to appointment
Amazing Accomplishment - Being a mother to my kids
Fun fact - I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth