Jun 18, 2024
L. R. Review
L. R. Left us a review: This place is very good and quick and they make it fun with points it’s cool
Jun 16, 2024
Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day! #smilesbygriffin #griffinorthodontics #fathersday
Jun 11, 2024
C. S. Review
C. S. Left us a review: We are so happy that we were told about Dr. Griffin’s office. We are just at the beginning, but so far, so good. Every staff member has been friendly and helpful. My son loves the dog! I highly recommend Dr. Griffin!
Jun 11, 2024
J. B. Review
J. B. Left us a review: Wowee your teeth will become so straight!
May 31, 2024
Wear Your Retainer
Retainers are like pajamas for your teeth! Make sure you put them in before bed! #smilesbygriffin #griffinorthodontics
May 27, 2024
Memorial Day
Today we Remember and Honor all who served for our country. #smilesbygriffin #griffinorthodontics
May 24, 2024
K. B. Review
K. B. Left us a review: This app is really good and I recommend
May 21, 2024
Wear Your Elastics
Don't forget to put your elastics back in after eating! #smilesbygriffin #griffinorthodontics
May 21, 2024
O. B. Review
O. B. Left us a review: Amazing!!!!!
May 21, 2024
S. F. Review
S. F. Left us a review: Dr Griffin was Very nice, very kind